Words of Wanderers

All who wander are not lost, but sometimes they are.

Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead

I've been a proud chicken owner for nearly two years now.   I started with six adorable chicks, gave up my rooster and then there were five.  Last summer I got a little too comfortable with letting the girls free range... Continue Reading →


Eighteen months ago Joe and I were talking about what to do on our next big vacation. We enjoyed vacationing with a group and so soon found ourselves on the adventure travel pages for the Applachain Mountain Club, REI, Adirondack... Continue Reading →

Chickens Are Jerks

A long time dream of mine was to own some chickens. The idea of having a little bit of self-sufficiency that didn't require ending another beings life appealed to me. I could have these happy, well cared for birds that... Continue Reading →

Hello 2018

I always become reflective during the last day or two and the first day of two of a new year.  I think its part of being goal oriented and also a side-effect of performing alot of psychoanalysis on myself over... Continue Reading →

The Devil Cat

Eleven years ago I brought Chloe home to be a companion to my cat George who was one year old.  She was a playful, friendly kitty, she and George became fast friends.  She was so tiny and active that I... Continue Reading →

She Is Joy

If you ever visited Molly's house you were greeted as if you were the most important, most welcome person on the planet. There was always loud whining, jumping to get attention and if possible an offer to play in the... Continue Reading →

Camp Peggy O’Brien Weekend

This past winter we were in the middle of planning a weekend in the Adirondacks to knock off a few more high peaks.  We were going to stay at the Johns Brook Lodge with our eyes on hiking Haystack, Basin... Continue Reading →

Pashley Falls Loop

"3 mi, flat, easy, XC skiing and Snowshoe, Take Pelon Rd. In Indian Lake village to the end. Park near old landfill site and follow the trail, which continues straight ahead, to the river. The trail goes right along the... Continue Reading →

The Death March

We headed out to get some exercise on Monday of Dogcation.  We were in the Adirondacks after all.  We decided on OK Slip Falls.  We remembered this from a trip in January with ski club to North River.  While some... Continue Reading →

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